VP Adds the their Heritage Collection

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VP Adds the their Heritage Collection

The Directors of Vehicle Procurements are pleased to be able to unveil the latest addition to their Heritage Collection of British built cars. A 1989 Mini 30 has recently been acquired and is proudly on display in the showroom at sister company MG Nottingham.

The Mini 30 was built to celebrate 30 years of Mini production (1959-89) and was launched at Silverstone on Sunday 27th August 1989. The car’s previous owner attended the event to collect his car, and for his trouble was presented with an exclusive keyring. These keyrings, limited in number to the number of Mini 30’s built, are now also collector’s items in their own right and can fetch hundreds of pounds at auction.

The pack that came with this Mini included its full service history, a Mini 30 VHS video, an edition of Car magazine from the time featuring the Mini 30, an unopened set of collector’s cards featuring a selection of Minis built over the 30 year history, the keyring and details of all work carried out on the car. It is a treasure trove of information on one of Britain’s best loved cars.

If you would like to see the Mini, it is on display alongside a Mk 1 Ford Fiesta and an historic Mini Van in the showroom at MG Nottingham on Westdale Lane, Mapperley. The staff at MG Nottingham would be very happy to chat to you about this Mini which is on sale for an undisclosed amount. If you ask nicely you may even get a cup of what has been voted the best complimentary coffee in Nottingham whilst you look around!