VP Acquires New Parts Van

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Vehicle Procurements are pleased to announce that their ’new’ parts van is ready for action! The Ford Model “Y” long rad 5 cwt delivery van has been lovingly restored and is now ready to go on the road. The van is in fact one of the famous “Y&C” models dating from 1935 – the Y or C relating to the addition to the vehicle’s VIN for vans and cars built at Dagenham between 1932 and 1939.

The VP van has a couple of modern accessories added to it by the previous owner, but is instantly identifiable as a Model-Y due to the separate side lights (which remained in production well after they were discontinued on the saloon) added to use up surplus stock. The short rad ‘diamond’ shaped door handles were retained on the van through to the end of production on 30 November 1937 and a total of 26,572 long rad vans having been manufactured. The spare wheel was moved from the off-side door to the near-side door in October 1936. The Model “Y” van was never manufactured with rear windows, only with three horizontal air vents in each of the rear doors. A number of vans were converted to pick-ups, either by professional coachbuilders or privately. Some conversions to ‘woodies’ are also known.

Of course, VP isn’t going to use the van on a daily basis. It will be included in their Heritage Collection based at both their garage at 343 Westdale Lane and at sister company MG Nottingham at 295 Westdale Lane and will be available for the public to call in and see during their opening hours. Call in and one of the friendly staff there will be glad to show you around – you can even get a cup of what has been voted Nottingham’s best complimentary coffee whilst you’re there!